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    Help with MS Access to SQL Developer Import (Time/Date Field Issue)


      So here is my dilemma ...


      I am currently trying to import from MS Access to SQL Developer, by exporting from MS Access to MS Excel and then importing to my table from the exporting Excel sheet. What is happening is that when I am importing the excel sheet, it is not retaining the time/date format/ I have tried several different formats, but each one seems to exclude the time, and have on the date.


      My time/date field is currently set up as this on SQL Developer:




      And the Excel sheet I am importing has the corresponding field set to the following:


      mm/dd/yyyy/hh/mm/ss AM/PM


      The record(s) I am importing are as follows:


      date/time                                   physical_cpu     server_id

      11/01/2013 12:01:23 AM             6.03999996         scc415


      When the record is imported, it removes the time, so the imported data is:


      date/time              physical_cpu     server_id

      11/01/2013            6.03999996         scc415


      Any idea on how to get that time stamp to import correctly? Much appreciation on the insights in advance!