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    Oracle Calendar SDK for 10.1.2 download?

      Hi all,
      Is there any where I can download this as there doesn't seem to be one for this version.

      Or am I to use the sdk provided with the client cd for version 9.

      We will be running against the linux version but developing in Jdeveloper on Windows. I've found the csdk stuff in the install directory on the apps server but I'm not able to find the DLLS required.

      Thanks for your help.
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          I also need the calendar SDK10g for my Project .If anybody found where to download the Calendar SDK 10g for windows or HP UX that would be greatly helpful...

          As far as i know oracle has included the Calendar SDK 10g as part of the OCS(oracle Collaboration Suite). but they have not provided the link to download the OCS 10g for windows.

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            The way that I got this working was by using linux to develop. Which has been somewhat of a much needed learning curve anyways.

            alternatively you could use the version 9 sdk for windows. As far as I am aware it is compatible with 10g version of OCS (without the features introduced in the new client ofcourse )

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              Can you tell me where is located the Calendar SDK for 10.1.2? I installed a full version of Collaboration Suite under linux but I am unable to find any documentation regarding which .JAR should I use for Calendar.

              Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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                right ... not sure if this is the best way but it works.

                Assuming this is on a sepearate linux machine .

                I copied the jlib and lib folders from the application tier $ORACLE_HOME/ocal directory on the server to /usr/lib/csdk/lib and /usr/lib/csdk/jlib respectively on your development machine.

                I then installed the oracle instant client rpm.
                I set the $ORACLE_HOME to the directory to which my instant client was installed (/usr/lib/oracle/ on my develoment machine.

                I then created symbolic links for each file in the $ORACLE_HOME in the /usr/lib/csdk/lib directory on my development machine. ( the symbolic link must have the same name as the target file)

                I then copied the calendarlet.jar found in apps $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/OC4J_OCSClient/connectors/CalendarSearchlet/CalendarSearchlet directory to /usr/lib/csdk/calendarlet directory on my development machine. (For some reason if you put this file into jlib folder it doest work weird huh)

                I also set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the folders I created on the development machine as well as the $ORACLE_HOME/lib on the development machine.

                So the jar for the csdk is csdk.jar in the lib directory we created.

                The calendar webservices jar file is in the calendarlet directory we created.

                Hope this helps