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    AL32UTF8 Conversion for EBS 12.1.3


      We are currently on EBS 12.1.3, DB

      Application tier is on OEL and Database tier is on HP Itanium.


      We are working on upgrading our EBS DB to AL32UTF8 since we are planning to bring our China operations on board with Oracle EBS application soon.

      We installed the DMU tool and ran the scan of the DB.

      The scan report shows a number of rows with data issues (Invalid character, data length etc). These data issues is expected to be fixed for the conversionof the DB.

      Our testing team would prefer to have the DMU tool fix the transactional data that the scan report highlighted for conversion since majority of the tranactional data relates to closed PO, invoices, sales orders etc.

      Is that approach reasonable ?

      Please let me know your thoughts.



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          Sergiusz Wolicki-Oracle

          The DMU does not "fix" issues automatically. It can be told to ignore them. For data with length issues, ignoring means truncating anything that does not fit. For data with invalid representation, it means the conversion may produce garbage for selected characters or for whole values, depending on what the problematic content is. The approach to ignore certain issues is not unreasonable seeing that you cannot make columns longer in eBS or change their data type. However, blindly ignoring all issues is not an option. You must carefully analyze the data and make sure that:


          1. No data is binary stored in VARCHAR2. Such data would become totally illegible if converted without cleansing.

          2. Data that is truncated or corrupted is legally irrelevant. Many financial records require a retention period of a few years. Truncating or corrupting important information in such records, e.g. contractor names, may be illegal.


          For data that is important, you should use manual editing through the front end to fix the issues, for example by abbreviating the content in a meaningful way.




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            Srini Chavali-Oracle

            As noted, DMU does not fix data. One possible option is to engage Oracle Consulting to perform this conversion.


            Steps are in Appendix A of MOS Doc 393861.1