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    EBS upgrade from to R12.2.3 and OS migration from AIX to Solaris


      Hi All,


      We are planning to upgrade EBS Applications to R12.2.3,Find the below source and target vertion


      Source:                                                  Target:

      Application:                             Application: R12.2.3

      Database is :                           Database:

      OS:AIX-5                                               OS: Solaries


      So we are planning to Install AIX-6 on stand alone server clone the 11i from AIX 5 to AIX-6

      Conver Tablespace model to OATM

      Upgrade DB to and configure the 11i environment to database

      Prepare the 11i environment for R12.2.2 Upgrade

      Upgrade the 11i Application to R12.2.2 and then R12.2.3

      Configure the R12.2.3 Applications to database

      Verify every thing is working fine on Aix-6

      Finally Migrate the EBS R12.2.3 with DB to Solaries Environment


      Pls suggest our approach is good and also share any documents and metalinks who are already done this type of Upgrade


      Thanks In Advance,Pls reply back with your comments and inputs