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    Cannot get Java 7u60 installed


      I have been trying this for the better part of 2 days now and I am frustrated. I was running an old version (u21) for more than a year due to some issues a vendor I support imposed on me. Now, that those issues have been resolved, I want to update my Java RTE. I removed the old Java and then tried to download and install the new one. The install runs a bit then tells me that "The software has already been installed on your computer. Would you like to reinstall it?" So I say Yes, and it tells me "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed." Furstrating!!!!


      So I do some snooping online and find the FixIt utility, which I run. Same problem. Then JavaRa, which is supposed to get rid of Java that the uninstall didn't. No luck. I even took Windows 7 back before I tried any of this to see if I could get u21 back. No luck. Eventually, I got it to install. But it is not working. This is crazy! I am so frustrated.


      Has anyone else come across something like this before?

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          I came across such an issue with an older version of JRE on Windows 7.


          If you are bold enough (i.e. familiar with working with Registry Editor) I'd suggest manual uninstallation of JRE by deleting appropriate keys from the Registry and files from the file system. It is recommended that you create a restore point before proceeding.


          Start regedit.exe, maximize its window and expand left column. Then carefully browse to find the following Registry keys and delete them (the status line on the bottom of regedit shows the full path of the selected key):


          - general settings for Java:



          - general settings for 32-bit Java on 64-bit Windows:



          - info on Java uninstaller - search through the Uninstall key for subkeys related to JRE (it is possible that you'll find more than one such subkey):


          Hint: after selecting the Uninstall key press Ctrl-F and search for Java - you should find the DisplayName value with data containing "Java X Update YY".


          - info on Java uninstaller for 32-bit Java on 64-bit Windows - search through the Uninstall key for subkeys related to JRE (it is possible that you'll find more than one such subkey):



          - current user settings for Java:



          - info on Java uninstaller in current user settings - search through the Uninstall key for subkeys related to JRE (it is possible that you'll find no such subkeys):



          While deleting the Registry keys for user settings you have to be logged in as the user who previously installed Java on that machine.


          Also, remove the Java installation directories. The following are default directories:

          C:\Program Files\Java

          C:\Program Files (x86)\Java


          Remove the following java executables:



          Finally, restart Windows and try to install the latest JRE.


          -- rpr.