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    API Usage for Payable Invoice Cancellation


      Hi  Team ,


      I need help or some suggestion on using API  AP_CANCEL_PKG ( functions in it : Is_Invoice_Cancellable , Ap_Cancel_Single_Invoice) to cancel some of the

      Invoices being imported with duplicate lines.


      Just as in brief , our team just had some invoices imported twice in Production somehow and about 300 Invoices are now having Duplicate Invoice lines in them.

      Most them I believe are unpaid ( 200 + ) for  about 100 + Invoice payment flag is 'Y'.

      Can it be used to Cancel the Partially paid Invoices also ?  Please advise.


      We are going to Cancel the Invoices  as this is going to impact the payment process further using above said API.



      In Regards to this please Suggest if the API  i.e AP_CANCEL_PKG   can be used or supported by Oracle on our R12 Release version 12.0.6.


      Best Regards and Appreciate the Support