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    how to delete dup records


      Environment: Windows7

      Tools: Dreamweaver CS6

      Level: Novice


      There is a glossary table of English and French words. The glossary table has duplicate rows and is out of order. I would like to remove the duplicates and sort them by the English column.


      1. Open the glossary.html file in your browser, you will see a table on the left with an English column and a French column. On the right hand side of the screen you will see the unit test results. As you complete each TODO the unit tests will pass.

      2. There are five areas marked TODO in the glossary.html file,


      complete all of the TODOs. Check that all of the unit tests pass.

      This test project uses the following frameworks:

      * BackBone.js - http://backbonejs.org/

      * Underscore.js - http://underscorejs.org/

      * jQuery - http://jquery.com/

      * Bootstrap - http://getbootstrap.com/


      The following link will take you to source code.



      I am eager to see how the code for learning purposes.