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    Need of oracle database client in EPM FDM installation


      Hi All,



      I am installing EPM11.1.2.2 products and on one server I am installing FDM. I have checked the prerequisite of FDM installation and as per that Oracle 32 bit database client and 64bit client is needed.

      Server is Windows 2008 64bit and Already Oracle database 11g is installed.



      I am having following queries reg this.


      1. If Oracle database is installed on the same server, do i need to install both database clients as well??

      2. If yes, I am trying to install oracle database 32 bit client but the screen is disappearing without showing any log or error, but at the same time 64 bit client is getting installed successfully?

      3.  I have not installed ODAC, what is the significance of this in installation and do i need to install the same?


      Please help.