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    Searching OTN


      I think the search function of the forum is too primitive and not very intuitive. For me, searching is always several steps, like entering the search terms and finally to apply a filter to have some useful results. I think the logic is also somewhat strange too, like to search everything and then filter the results, rather than performing a more restrictive search in the first place, which is a more common practice.


      I think it would be easier and more intuitive if the search field was replaced with a search link that would open the advanced search right away. However, instead of having to type a forum space to filter the the result, I would prefer to have a listing of most common Oracle products and to be able to make multiple selections via checkboxes. There can still be some "other" option to restrict the results by forum space as it is implemented at the moment. I think it would be very useful to be able to search by year, instead of simply sorting by year.

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          The new search is defaulted to the space that you are in when you do the search. I was in the Oracle Applications category and searched here, and the default results were parameterized:




          If I click on "see all content results" I can filter and such:





          So I am hoping you like this a little better!

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            The search facility in Jive uses a logic that is not common standard, or at least not what someone who does not read the manual would expect. For instance, putting a search in quotes does NOT search for the exact word, as it is common practice, but will also find similar content and only matches the exact order of words.


            Jive was obviously not specifically developed for a computer technical audience or technical content, which may explain the current behavior or interface. But I consider it one of the key requirements when searching for technical information to be able to limit the search results as specific as possible.


            2.4.3     Advanced Searching


            If I need to read the manual to perform a search and to understand why a search does not show the kind of results I was searching for, then the search facility is not useful. I understand that there is only a limited amount of metadata that allow  more specific search criteria, if there is metadata at all, however it is possible to limit a search by forum space at least.


            When searching for information, people do not necessarily know the appropriate forum space or proper search terms, and there are often several forum spaces that apply. For instance: I want to search for "Oracle database 11g ODBC installation". Which forum space should I be looking for?


            OTN has too many forum spaces where search terms, such as "database" or "installation" apply. The user needs help by being able to select the appropriate product. If the search interface would prompt for possible options, then the search facility could generate appropriate search criteria, which the user is not aware off. For example, if there was an option to select by product, the criteria could be limited to appropriate (multiple) forum spaces. But if the user does not select options (checkboxes) like "Oracle Linux" and "Enterprise Manager" then the search criteria should automatically exclude such words or forum spaces.


            Sorry I really wish I could be more positive about the OTN search facility, but I'm not impressed. Some of the decision makers are perhaps proud to have a working search engine, considering that searching in the previous Jive software was not working at all, however it's too primitive in the current form and the logic of the search engine is not suitable or difficult to predict when looking for technical information. I'm not saying the search facitily is useless, but has much to be desired.