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    Golden Gate Schema Based Replication Database 11g(


      Dear All,


      My Database Version IS

      OS Version IS: RedHat 6.2



      Currently in Our Configuration We have Two Node Oracle RAC Cluster,We have around 12 users used for production purpose.We want to implement golden gate to replicate(bi-directional) those 12 users  to Target servers.


      Need Help On Golden Gate Bi-Directional schema(DML and DDL) based replication,please help.



      I have studied the following blogs posted by Gavin Soorma but still confuse,In his explanation he just mention about one two tables to replicate,we may have thousand tables.What i want is when any changes happen in any of my DB schema DDL or DML those changes should replicate to target(BI-DIRECTIONAL).


      Please HELP......






      Thanks and Regards

      Monoj Das