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    Custom Taskflow in a Spaces application



      I am working on Jdev Version with SPaces version

      we are using the DesignWebCenterSpaces to extend our application to make custom changes to taskflow.


      I have a scenario where I have created a custom taskflow and have made changes to it. It was all working fine.


      We added a requirement to the taskflow to navigate to a new page fragment within the same taskflow.

      So i added a new fragment to the taskflow in the DesignWebCenterSpaces application and updated the Portal Resource back to server. However when i tried to navigate to the new fragment, it didnt work and i could see from the trace that the portal/spaces applicatino is not able to find the newly created fragement in MDS repository.


      How do I make this new page fragment available in MDS. When I create a taskflow in Spaces and then download the taskflow to the DesignWebCenterSpaces application , it has a page fragment of its own and so it is available in MDS. but then when we add new .jsff to the taskflow, how do we make it available in the MDS.