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    Data modeler export to reporting schema issue

    Rob Naastepad

      Hello All,


      When I try and export a model to a reporting schema I get the following error:


      2014-07-03 16:25:54,947 [Thread-27] ERROR ReportsHandler - Error Exporting to Reporting Schema:


        at oracle.dbtools.crest.exports.reports.RSFKeys.export(RSFKeys.java:45)

        at oracle.dbtools.crest.exports.reports.RSRelationalModel.export(RSRelationalModel.java:37)

        at oracle.dbtools.crest.exports.reports.ReportsHandler.export(ReportsHandler.java:123)

        at oracle.dbtools.crest.swingui.ControllerApplication$ExportToReportsSchema$1.run(ControllerApplication.java:2056)


      Anyone who knows how te get around this error and be able to export normally?


      Thanks in advance for your time!