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    Unable to get the media from the Endeca Experience manager version 11.0.0




      Iam unable to get the media from the Endeca Experience Manager for my endeca app 'CRS'.

      I have created the endeca app named 'CRS' using the reference app discover-data-catalog-integration and successfully initialized and indexed.Iam able to see the Indexed data in my endeca_jspref and the configurations in my Experience Manager.

      I want to import the media from my experience manager(this is my actual requirement) and for this iam executing the get_media.bat cmd from my application's control folder,the cmd was executing successfully without any errors, but the media folder was not populating with any images that i can see in the Experience manager .Please do the needful to resolve this issue.



      C:\>cd Endeca\apps\CRS\control




      [07.04.14 11:48:08] INFO: Checking definition from AppConfig.xml against existing EAC provisioning.

      [07.04.14 11:48:09] INFO: Updating provisioning for component 'DailyReportGenerator'.

      [07.04.14 11:48:09] INFO: Updating definition for component 'DailyReportGenerator'.

      [07.04.14 11:48:10] INFO: Definition updated.

      [07.04.14 11:48:10] INFO: Exporting resource 'http://localhost:8006/ifcr/sites/CRS/media' to 'C:\Endeca\apps\CRS\control\..\config\media'

      [07.04.14 11:48:11] INFO: Finished exporting resource.