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    AutoVue 20.2.2 deprecated server protocol


      Oracle deprecated the main AutoVue features that enabled me to use it in our application with 20.2.2.


      ■ Universal Naming Convention (UNC) support is removed.

      ■ Support for server viewable local files options are removed:

      - jvueserver.server.directory

      ■ Server:// protocol support is removed.


      Previously, I used this jvueserver.properties setting:



      And then passed the FILENAME parameter in the HTML page where the viewer applet was embedded with the RELATIVE path to the document that I needed to view:

      <PARAM NAME="FILENAME"     VALUE="server://Engineering/Document1.dwg">


      Since the mechanisms needed to support this have been removed, can anyone please tell me how to simply view a document that resides in a folder on the same server with the AutoVue server?

      (I don't want to upload a document, and there's no need for a sophisticated document management integration.  I just need to open a file in a folder on the same server.)


      Am I missing something, or is this most basic of functions now taken away?