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    Same JDK used by different fusion middleware application..

    Arun K Singh

      Dear All


      I have a query regarding JDK used by fusion middleware application. We have one piece of hardware where multiple fusion middleware application have been installed.

      So please confirm Which one is better approach,

      same jdk used by different Applications or separate  jdk installation for every application.

      If different then why ?




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          Luz Mestre-Oracle

          Hi Arun

          I understand the question as, Which option is better, have several applications deployed to one managed server or have several managed servers one application each.

          I don't think we have benchmarks on this, but usually our customers have several applications deployed to achieve cluster fail over features along easy administration. We also have other customers that have lots of managed servers to achieve a purpose.

          For example having 200 applications one per managed server could be something not that easy to monitor and administrate, so you can organize the applications in a way that you can also perform administrative tasks.

          Depending on the application you will need to run performance tests to define an alternative that works for you.


          Setting up WebLogic Clusters - 11g Release 1 (10.3.6)

          I hope this helps.

          Best Regards