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    Mass Additions queue stuck in "Merged"



      1. I have an invoice that matched to the PO receipt for asset item.

      2. This invoice is in foreign currency.

      3. This invoice has 8 Lines, and each lines has two distributions line account. One line for the accrual, one line for the Exchange rate variance

      4. Each line represents different PO receipt lines

      5. When I run the mass additions create, this invoice arrived in Prepare Mass Additions form in Fixed Asset with 16 Mass Additions data according to the number of invoice distributions

      6. This invoice has two queue in Mass Additions. "New" for the actual receipt item amount. "Merged" for the exchange rate variance amount. The exchange rate variance are merged automatically.

      7. I also want to merge the "New" queue for this invoice. Therefore, in one of the Mass additions line with "New" Status, I clicked "Merge" button and merged all the "New" queue mass additions for this invoice.

      8. Therefore, now this invoice has 15 "Merged" queue and 1 "On Hold" queue. I then changed the "On Hold" queue into "Post" queue.

      9. When I ran post mass additions, only nine mass additions are posted. The other 7 are still stuck in "Merged" queue. The stuck mass additions are the exchange rate variances that merged automatically.

      10. When I look into the Source lines in Asset Workbench, this asset only consist of 9 lines, not 16 lines.

      11. Meanwhile, the merged queue still stuck in the Mass Additions Summary form and cannot be deleted nor posted.


      Can you help me solve this problem? Is it supposed to be happen if we merged the mass additions which has exchange rate variance in the invoice?