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        Thank for your help,

        Yes, it's working on WBP trigger and display correct value.


        Why it's not working at WNFI trigger, if it's not possible to get value at WNFI trigger then how could get value at time form loading

        Thanks in advance for your help..

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          Andreas Weiden

          WEBUTIL-java-functions in general do not work in the WNFI-trigger. But there's an easy workaround:


          1. Start a non-repeating timer with 10 ms or so in the WNFI-trigger

          2. Create a WHEN-TIMER-EXPIRED-trigger and read the applet-parameter there

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            thanks Andreas Weiden for your clarification and  help.

            I tried it.


            Just to update,


            I have tried to pass the value with below method, inset the random ID in table and pass to URL and get into form parameter. it done successfully

            sfr.farhan.fani wrote:



            Now I try below method as WEBUTIL problem is solved now

            Andreas Weiden wrote:





            I shall thankful both of you. now, I have alternative way for the subject requirements.

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              Hi sfr.farhan


              back here again.

              sfr.farhan.fani wrote:

              You can use, cookies as a middle interface for communication between oracle application express and oracle form application, define (encrypted) cookies in Oracle Application Express for user/pwd and any passing parameter, and then access these cookies in oracle form application for authentication.

              As per your advise in initial post, i'm working on above recommended suggestion to have an another alternative solution.

              But I'm stuck and not able to get the value in form, even i manage to write the cookies from oracle application express.


              I following the demo for testing at your provided link

              sfr.farhan.fani wrote:

              Please Download Oracle Forms 11g Demo Pack from the below link and see cookies demo. You will come to know, how oracle form access cookies from the browser and cookies can be created and access and deleted etc.


              please correct me, where i'm wrong. please provide any sample which close to my problem, thanks.

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