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    Migration of Win_Api_Shell.SendKeys Functionality




      we are still running some Forms 6i Forms which we were not able to migrate. One of the reasons is that we have used a functionality for simulating a keyboard pressed with Win_Api_Shell.SendKeys. So far we have not found a way to migrate this functionality or get rid of it.

      we will have the need for "pressing" a key out of Forms PL/SQL Logic.


      any ideas how we could find a way will be appreciated. Starting a small Windows program which "presses" the key isn't a solution because that programm will not run "in" the applet so any key-pressed will be pressed somewhere in the Windows focus, but not in the forms-applet.


      thanks for any ideas,




      P.S. application-Server is running Windows and the Client are running windows as well. Forms at the moment is 10g but will be 11g in the near future.