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    Error failure to authenticate weblogic




      I am facing following error


      Unexpected error occurred, due to : Error: Client received SOAP Fault from server : InvalidSecurity : error in processing the WS-Security security header


      while using discussing server in our portal .


      I have used this solution to troubleshoot my problem

      attachWebServicePolicy(application='owc_discussions', moduleName='owc_discussions', moduleType='web', serviceName='OWCDiscussionsServiceAuthenticated',subjectName='OWCDiscussionsServiceAuthenticated', policyURI='oracle/wss10_saml_token_service_policy')



      I got  this as output


      Attaching multiple policies of category "security/authentication" is not supported. Policies in list [ "oracle/wss11_saml_token_with_message_protection_service_policy" ] already have the category, current policy "oracle/wss10_saml_token_service_policy" also has that category.


      what went wrong and how to fix this.