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    Image Editor in Documaker 12.x

    Nirmal R

      Hi Experts,


      We have seen an EXE named "IMGEDW32.EXE" (Image Editor) in the earlier versions of Documaker. Using this application, one can view the FAP files. We understand that everything is now integrated in Documaker Studio. Is there any specific reason the application is not part of the Documaker 12.x install? In simpler words, in order for some one to view the FAPs as such using a viewer, is Studio the only way?


      Thanks for the help.




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          calittle - oracle

          While it is true that image editor can view a FAP file, you will still need the ability to access the resource library to check out or obtain a read-only copy of a FAP resource in order to view it. This capability is provided by Studio and some other tools. Keep in mind that the image editor won't be useful for displaying other types of content (e.g. FOR files, triggers, paragraphs/paragraph selection lists, etc.)



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            DM Studio can be registered to be launched as the associated application for FAP files from a file explorer window, if that is in question. It is helpful to have enabled the option to automatically load your last used workspace. That way when DMStudio brings up your FAP, it will have an INI context and font references loaded as well.

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              Nirmal R

              Thanks much Andy,


              We do understand that the scope of Image Editor is just limited to viewing the FAP Files whereas Studio provides a much more robust/ integrated Developement environment with Version management and a lot more newer features which were not part of the earlier legacy versions. We are trying to asses if there is any specific reason that the application is not part of the Documaker 12.x. Do we have a documentation with every release of Documaker detailing the retired applications?


              For e.g. FDT2CFAW is still part of the 12.x version (many may not be using the Compiled FAPs instead a single CB5 LBY or a DB LBY structure will be used) but we don't see the EXEs like "IMGEDW32.EXE" (Image Editior for FAP files), "FDTEDW32.EXE" (Formset Manager for FORM.DAT and SETRCPTB.DAT) etc. These EXEs were part of 11.x versions. So, we are looking for some information on what all are being retired/ removed from the 12.x. Thank you very much for your help




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                http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17552_01/v120_release_notes.pdf - 12.0 release notes mentions that the legacy development tools are no longer shipped with 12.0.

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                  Those older tools are no longer provided because they can't support the newer resource file types that the product now supports. For instance, BDF, GRP, FOR, TBL, PSL, PAR, are all new file types for various resources.  Moving to DMStudio model will import your old resources and create the newer resources. You mention compiled FAPs, but those are not really used anymore once you move to Studio model - or rather they are used behind the scenes, but you are no longer responsible for having to create them as physical/external files. This process is managed for you and you never see them.


                  Some files have also gone away or become part of other resources. The information that was in DDT files is now incorporated into the FAPs. The Form.Dat and SetRecip files are merged and split apart to make the BDF (application), GRP (group, aka Forms Lists), and FOR (form) files.


                  The old tools were provided for a period of time along with DMStudio with the assumption that customers would gradually transition to the newer model. In order to continue developing new features though, the old tools eventually had to be dropped. Trying to maintain the old formats indefinitely would be a drag on development.