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    Can FDM load EBS GL data to HFM/Essbase directly


      Hi Team


      I‘m the beginner of FDM. I'm studying how to load EBS GL data to HFM and Essbase. From chart "FDM-ERP Integrator" in Oracle document "FDM Admin Guide.pdf", it looks FDM can load the data from Files, Excel and ODBC. And the metadata in EBS looks can be loaded to HFM and Essbae through ERP Integrator.


      My question is: can FDM load EBS GL data to HFM/ESSBASE directly?

      The solution is: 1. prepare GL data to a Oracle staging table; 2. load data from Oracle staging table to HFM/Essbase through FDM.


      Or I have to export data files from EBS GL via ODI and load the files to HFM/Essbase through FDM?


      I appreciate you very much if you can answer my question and share the necessary materials with me.


      Thanks again.


      Ted Zhao