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    Source system Initialize issue




      Whille Initialze the source system i am getting the below error


      "Error during ODI Process Submission. ODI Connection information may not be

      correct or ODI Agent may not be running. Please check and resubmit the job"


      - I checked in odi console --> OracleDiAgent is running successful

      --> data server gets connection successful

      --> In Datamanagement setup --> System setting--> ODI --> Check Odi Connection gets successful


      But after clciking source system to initialize the above error is getting ....


      Thanks in advance

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          Make sure you have entered the Correct  CONTEXT Code in FDMEE  & ODI.

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            You may need to look in ODI to determine the actual error. Look at the process that ran when you executed the Initialization and get the ODI execution number. then go into ODI and find the number (can't remembe which tab you need off-hand but try the load and execution tab first). when you locate the reference, expand down and you should find  the step which failed. Opening this step should then provide a bit more detail as to the error. The first thing i would check is to ensure the user id you are using in the ODI connection has access to both the relavent source system and FDMEE / ODI interface tables. Althpugh the  ODI test connection may be successful, it does not necessarily mean the user has access to all the tables required to complete the initialisation process.    

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              Check additional logs in Oracle_ODI_1/oracledi/log as well




              to fix i will suggest to do couple of check-




              1. Check if the ODI 11g agent is up and running and then try to connect to http://agentserver:agentport/oraclediagent in a web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. You should get something like this in return from the Jetty HTTP server in the ODI 11g Agent:



              If you are getting output then



              2. If that works (i.e indicating that the ODI 11g Agent is up and running) then it sounds like there was either a temporary network glitch or the ODI configuration details in ERPI are not correct. To check the configuration you will need to go to Preferences > System Settings in the ERPI GUI. Please ensure that the 'ODI Agent URL' is set to something like http://agentserver:agentport/oraclediagent that was used above to successfully test connectivity.



              3. If the test in #1 fails and you are sure that the details are correct then ensure that the ODI 11g Agent has been started.


              let us know.