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    Oracle IN Operator. Suggest please.


      Hi Folks,


      I have a Question reagarding Oracle IN Operator:


      I am using a function to return multiple ',' separated values which i can take in an IN operator and can execute a query:









      Function is returning correct values. Now i want to take these values to IN operator:


      select * from debug_644 where lookup_code in (xx_func644_test(1));


      //assuming internal representation as select * from debug_644 where code in ('1','8','7','15');

      // column code is of varchar type.

      But this is not returning any rows....:( (Why ?)


      Whereas if i use direct query then it returns rows:

      select * from debug_644 where code in ('1','8','7','15');


      Why it is happening like this ? Please Suggest.