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    IE11 certification for JDeveloper


      Hi. I'm trying to establish Oracle's position with regard to support/certification for Internet Explorer 11 as the browser for 11g R2 ADF applications (in my case, specifically v11.


      I came across this archived discussion on this forum which dates from November 2013:

      Oracle ADF 11G R1 and 11G R2 and Internet Explorer 11 Support


      What confuses me is that the Oracle JDeveloper and Application Development Framework 11g Release 2 Certification and Support Matrix does include Internet Explorer 11 as a certified browser, and that document was last updated June 4, 2014.


      Currently, trying to open my application on IE11 gives the dreaded unsupported browser message box.


      So what's the score here, can anyone confirm what is right and what is not right please?