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    Page has expired. Redirect to login.




      I am trying to redirect to the Login page when the page has expired. I have set for debugging a timeout = 4 mins in the web.xml. In this way, the popUp indicating that the page has expired is shown correctly. So far so perfect.


      Digging in this forum I have found two alternatives to manage the timeout, using a TimeOutFilter and using a TimeOutListener.


      Now I am using the Filter approach that is as follows:


      public class TimeOutFilter implements Filter {
          private FilterConfig _filterConfig = null;
          public void init(FilterConfig filterConfig) throws ServletException {
              _filterConfig = filterConfig;
          public void destroy() {
              _filterConfig = null;
          public void doFilter(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response,
                               FilterChain chain) throws IOException,
                                                         ServletException {
              String requestedSession =
              String currentWebSession =
              boolean sessionOk =
              // if the requested session is null then this is the first application
              // request and “false” is acceptable
              if (!sessionOk && requestedSession != null) {
                  // the session has expired or renewed. Redirect request
              } else {
                  chain.doFilter(request, response);


      The following condition is TRUE only in one case, and therefore, this is my problem.


      if (!sessionOk && requestedSession != null) {


      I have an application using ADF Framework 12c with different tabs, when the page expires over these tabs the above "if condition" is TRUE (sessionOk=false). However, when the page expires over a window opened using af:commandMenuItem useWindow="true", the above "if condition" is FALSE (sessionOK=true), and therefore, It is not redirected to the login page but redirects to the page where the window was open, it means, the page with the tabs.


      I am doing something wrong? Any idea why the session is not re-new or is not invalidated in this case?


      Thanks in advance.