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    How to apply dpost_imp.drv in migration


      Hi, experts,


      From the doc 741818.1, Section 5: Update the imported Release 12 database instance,

      Step 10. Create ConText and AZ objects:

      Certain ConText objects and the AZ objects dependent on the tables with XML type columns are not preserved by the import process. The consolidated export/import utility patch that you applied to the source administration server node in Section 1 contains a perl script, dpost_imp.pl, that you can run to generate an AutoPatch driver file. You use this driver file to call the scripts that create these objects. Run the following command:

      $ perl $AU_TOP/patch/115/bin/dpost_imp.pl [driver file]\ [source database version]

      Set [source database version] to 10 if the source database is 10.2 or to 11 if the source database is 11g.

      Once the driver file has been generated, use AutoPatch to apply it on the target administration server node.


      I work a migration from a Unix to Linux, Database migration first then the application (doc 438086.1). At step 10 above, we dont have adpatch yet. How to apply this .drv?


      Thank you and regards.

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