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    Oracle/Weblogic Application Server bugs


      We have been struggling with some issues with our weblogic deployments. We found an issue with a memory leak in WL 10.3.4 and it has since been patched.  We are currently dealing with another issue related to EJB timers and believe that it's another bug in weblogic.  However, it is impossible for us to know for sure if it is a bug.  My company does not have any kind of support agreement with Oracle/Weblogic so we do not have access to the knowledge base or bug tracking.  We are a system application company that develops software to deploy on the Weblogic platform.


      I would like to be able to access the knowledge base and also submit bug reports.  What is the best way for someone like me to do this?  Do we need to purchase a support agreement or does the partner program allow us to do this as well?


      Sorry for the non technical question.