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    Typo on Oracle.com CPUJUL2014 page: critcial  :)


      I found no place to submit critical feedback, other than the forums.


      See the title of the page  Oracle Critcial Patch Update - July 2014


      The titel (not the first heading on the page) contains a typo:


      <title>Oracle Critcial Patch Update - July 2014</title>

      <meta name="Title" content="Oracle Critcial Patch Update - July 2014">

      <meta name="Description" content="Oracle Crticial Patch Update - July 2014">

      <meta name="Keywords" content="">

      <meta name="robots" content="INDEX, FOLLOW">

      <meta name="country" content="">

      <meta name="Language" content="en">

      <meta name="Updated Date" content="7/11/14 1:36 PM">

      Correct speling may be critcial in external communications, so I hope this can be seen as positive customer feedback