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    Losing Domain Index (Spatial) in expdp/impdp


      We are on Windows Server 2008R2 with Oracle patch level 17906982. We utilize a process where we translate spatial data through FME to an Oracle database. After translation is successful we run expdp on the associated schema and run impdp on our production environment, or VM of production in this case. The Index in question is a Domain Index (spatial) on a specific table. The table has a total of 4 indexes. After the impdp is done the one Index in question is missing but all the others are intact. I've performed this process for a year without ever running into this issue. The original database has the index the same after the export so I know nothing it changed on that end. After impdp it's just gone on the one specific table. Any additional processing on that table will then throw an error since the index does not exist.


      My question is, what could cause one to lose an index between the expdp/impdp process? Could bad geometry cause this?