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      1 small doubt, please confirm in DG enviorment standby_file_management

      parameter setting is AUTO on both prim and standby or need to set only on primary

      for automatic file management

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          Gary F

          Yes, I believe that is what you want.  Our primary and standby both have the setting = AUTO.  We want the standby to have the same "file management" as the primary, and if a switchover happens, the functionality should be the same in the opposite direction.


          STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT enables or disables automatic standby file management. When automatic standby file management is enabled, operating system file additions and deletions on the primary database are replicated on the standby database. STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT is only applicable to Physical standby databases.

          Setting STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT to AUTO causes Oracle to automatically create files on the standby database and, in some cases, overwrite existing files. Care must be taken when setting STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT and DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT so that existing standby files will not be accidentally overwritten.

          If the standby database is on the same system as the primary database, then ensure that the primary and standby systems do not point to the same files.




          Gary F.

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            Hi Gary,

            Thanx for response, but my question is if i set STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT=AUTO on prim and STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT=MANUAL,

            and i added file on prim ,by creating same dir structure on standby, will it replicate on standby.

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              Hemant K Chitale

              I presume that your question is about STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT being MANUAL on the *Standby* instance.


              You need STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT to be AUTO on the *Standby* instance to allow the creation of a datafile (on the Primary) to be replicated.


              (Conversely, the parameter is also set to AUTO on the Primary to allow a reversal of roles).


              Hemant K Chitale

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                The parameter is mean to be enabled to AUTO on Standby.


                You should set it on Primary, so that, in case you switchover to this Primary, this will become standby and you will not need to remember to enable this parameter to AUTO in your new standby (old primary).

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                  @NiP-Oracle has the correct answer. The STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT parameter only applies to the standby database. File operations on the primary generate redo. That redo is transported to the standby. When the standby is applying the redo, it will only perform that file operation if STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT=AUTO. The setting of this parameter on the primary has absolutely no effect.


                  That being said, you will want to set this in the primary as well. That way, when the day comes where you perform a switchover operation, the primary is now the standby and will want those file operations performed there as well.