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    FastStartFailoverPmyShutdown issue


      Our application vendor demands that we keep FastStartFailoverPmyShutdown set to true, however this means that the primary will commit suicide if it loses contact with both the standby database and the observer process running on a 3rd machine. This is unacceptable to us because if the primary is still up and running perfectly fine and actively servicing clients, then it is absolutely crucial that it stays up and running despite whatever may be happening on the secondary server or the DG observer server. A very real possible failure mode in our installation would be that the primary could indeed get isolated on a network segment, but its most important clients would also be on that segment with it too, and the rest of the network is much less important. Unfortunately the standby database server, and the server machine upon which the Observer is running both reside on a different network physical segment from the primary. It's not possible for me to add a 4th machine to the same segment as the primary to run an alternate observer there since that segment is 100% full and has no more available physical ports. Running an observer process on one of the regular clients is also Strictly Verboten, as they are all


      Even though all the docs advise against running an Observer on the primary or standby servers themselves, would running an alternate Observer on the primary database server itself help avoid the primary database from committing suicide when it's the "last man standing"?


      I'm also tempted to just set FastStartFailoverPmyShutdown to false and tell the app vendor they have no further say in the matter.

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          What do you mean by "alternate Observer"? If you mean a second one I don't believe that is possible.


          I would ask the vendor what business need is for this. What many business people might not take into account is the time to recover from a failover vs the downtime. Depending upon the business a 2 minute outage is often less painful than fixing the mess created by a failover when it is not needed or a switchover would work.


          Sounds like RAC is your friend.


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            Using Grid Control, you have option of starting another Observer on different location when current Observer crashes.

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              I had a call with the software vendor today. They were not even aware of this problem and had never tested the scenario of losing both the observer and standby database at the same time. They had some Oracle-knowledgeable person write them some install instructions at one time, and one time only, and cemented those instructions into permanent stone policy without having fundamental understanding of how the system actually works. The FastStartFailoverPmyShutdown parameter is merely set to true as an Oracle default, so they left it in place as such. I will be setting it to false so my primary database will not be shutting itself off if it gets stranded on the network by itself.


              Now why Oracle made this parameter default to true, is quite unfathomable to me, and is a different discussion for a different time and place.

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                It was FALSE in 10g but was made TRUE in 11g as default. This has been reported as Bug :