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    Deploy PLSQL package as webservice without using SOA

    Rapid Value Solutions



      I have my custom PLSQL code which i need to expose as a webservice in EBS 11.5. Currently, i have R12.1 installed and i am trying to not use Integrated SOA to simulate R11i.

      In R12 version oracle has introduced the integrated Soa gateway which makes this work easier. Similarly is there a way for implementing this in the earlier versions like R11i. So far the only approach that i have come across is to create a WAR file from plsql and deploy it to application server, but i'm not sure if its for a plsql code or for j2ee web pages. But i found no reference which helps me to do this implementation.


      So is there any approach which can suffice the above need. Kindly let me know if you have any questions.

      Your help is valuable.

      Thank you.