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    OPN and Certifications Doubts


      Hi Experts


      I have a doubt with Oracle Network Partner, maybe it´s something silly but I want to be sure about it.


      I have my Oracle Web Account with this Account and my personal Pearson Vue Account I have taken some certification Exams and I have two DB certifications.


      Now, I am start working in a new job and I have created a new OPN web account (Job email).


      Now My doubts:
      > How can I link my personal account or my certifications with my Job account?
      > If I do this link, am I going to lose the certification on my personal Account ?, for example If I stop working on my new job in a few years, my certifications are going to stay with my  OPN Job Account ?


      I will appreciate any advice

      Thank you in advance



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          Matthew Morris

          Your certifications are linked to your Oracle Testing ID, which is part of your Pearson Vue account.  My own recommendation is that you always use a personal email address rather than a work email address for that account. In Pearson Vue, there is an account settings option that allows you to indicate what OPN company you work for.  This should be changed when you move from company A to company B.  Certifications always stay with you.


          You then have your Oracle SSO account (i.e. 'J.A.' for you).  This serves are your Certview login.   It gets linked to your Pearson Vue account through your Oracle Testing ID.  It doesn't have to use the same email address as your Pearson Vue account.  However, again, I'd recommend that it use a personal email account rather than a work email account.


          From your post, I think that you have two Oracle Single-Sign-On accounts, one for a personal email and one for your work email that has been badged to OPN.  Creating the OPN account with your work email was not necessary.  My own account (personal email) is badged to my current company. You could do the same.  In any event, it is the OPN setting in your Pearson Vue account that 'points' your OPN certifications at one company or another.

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            Hi Matthew


            Very nice explanation.


            I have created a Support Request on Oracle Certification Program. They have told me I can change my Email, but I would like to do what you just tell me about use my personal Email and just link the company.


            Thank you for your response