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    which database certificate to start with?


      Hello everyone, just completed my under graduation in IT, wish to get a oracle database certificate, could someone please suggest which certificate should i go for first?

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          Matthew Morris

          Generally the first step is to identify what job you wish to do and then pick a certification that will leads towards it. 

          Asking a forum full of strangers to pick a certification for you is half a step away from picking to pursue at random.

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            What kind of Database certificate ? as Matthew said first choose a career.


            I think you have two options:

            1.- Oracle DB developer so you can study SQL certification and PL/SQL certification

            2.- Oracle Database Administrator, so you can study Database Administration Certification and SQL to became and Oracle Certified Associate.


            Hope that helps you



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              Matthew Morris

              J.A. wrote:

              I think you have two options...


              ...or if he was planning on a career as a Java developer he should go for one of several Java tracks.

              ...or if he was planning to work with MySQL he should go for the MySQL developer or DBA certs (or both).

              ...or if he wanted to be a system administrator he might go for the Solaris or Oracle Linux certs.

              ...or if he wanted to concentrate on the Oracle Applications side he could go for any of several dozen app-related certs.

              ...or the list goes on...


              Any certification suggestions made with no further information about the poster than what has been supplied so far are just random choices from the 200 or so possible exam options.  The two options you suggested are probably the ones you considered for yourself.  They may or may not be appropriate to the OP. If the poster had asked for opinions between a given set of certification tracks, that would be entirely different and a much easier question to answer.

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                Yes your are right there are a lot of options.


                I am goint to change my words, instead of: you have two options for: In my personal opinion


                Best Regards