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    Why am I not able to send mail by using DBMS_SCHEDULER?



      I've delevoped a stored procedure that sends a mail by using HTMLDB_MAIL.SEND (I've been developing on APEX) and when I run it, it works and sends the mail to my account.

      But if I try to schedulate it, it doesn't work, I mean it doesn't send the mail but I'm sure that I haven't written nothing wrong because if instead of launching the procedure I run another one which simply inserts a value on a table, it works correctly.

      I try to write the job:

         job_name           => 'SCHED_AVVISO_COMP_CONSUNTIVI',
         job_type             => 'STORED_PROCEDURE',
         job_action         => 'PRC_AVVISO_COMPILAZ_CONSUNTIVI',
         start_date  =>  to_date('17-07-2014 08:47:00','dd-mm-yyyy hh:mi:ss'),
         repeat_interval    => 'FREQ=DAILY',
         enabled              =>  TRUE,
         comments          => 'Comunica a tutti di compilare il consuntivo on line');

      Thanks in advance!