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    R12.1.3 - OAF Controller extension not picking up


      I currently have an extended controller, which does not seem to be picking up correctly.

      • OAF Page - /oracle/apps/per/selfservice/appraisals/webui/SetupDetailsPG
      • Stardard Controller - SetupDetailsPageCO
      • Extended Controller - xxSetupDetailsPageCO


      I currently have a field call Application Approver, which is populated by our bespoke contoller xxSetupDetailsPageCO.

      When we initially log into the page the Application Approver is been populated by the employee supervisor, but this is not correct, as it should be populated with a Manager at a higher level. This is coded in xxSetupDetailsPageCO.


      When I chick on About Page link, to check details of page, everything seems correct.
      When I return to Page, required Application Approver value is now holding the correct value.


      I beleive this is because of a refresh issue or initial login of the SetupDetailsPG.

      Has anyone come across an issue like this before, where the initial loading of a page is not picking up the bespoke controller correctly?

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          Check at what level you have set the extension , make sure you have set it at Site.


          What you can also do is write some logging statement and verify.

          pageContext.writeDiagnostics(this," XXpagelaod " +keyword,OAFwkConstants.STATEMENT);

          How to check.  Check - enable diag , choose show log on screen and statement.


          Open the page afresh and logs will be shown below , search for keyword added.

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            Thank you for reply PreethamChandra.


            I have successfully retrieved the required Statement information within the Diagnostics.


            The issue that I have found is that part of my code is checking the following:

            • if (appraisalId == null)

            I received the following within the Diagnostics before I hit the about page

            • [248]:STATEMENT:[xxnics.oracle.apps.per.selfservice.appraisals.webui.xxnicsSetupDetailsPageCO]:AppraisalID = param appraisalId:

            After clicking on About Page and returning I get the following message in the Diagnostics

            • [45]:STATEMENT:[xxnics.oracle.apps.per.selfservice.appraisals.webui.xxnicsSetupDetailsPageCO]:AppraisalID = param appraisalId:null


            Note the difference in the parameter retrun, where one is a blank and the other a null.


            Does anyone know how to deal with NULLs and Blanks in JAVA? (like a NVL command though SQL).


            I tried the follow, but no success

            • if (appraisalId == null || appraisalId == "")