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    Question on R12.2.0 to R12.2.3




      I am in process of upgrading from R12.2.0 to R12.2.3 I reviewed the R12.2.3 upgrade Doc ID:1586214.1 and as per this Doc Id the step 4 is to apply the latest AD & TXK delta release update packs from https://support.oracle.com/rs?type=doc&id=ID:1617461.1Doc ID:1617461.1, and I reviewed this Doc Id but this applies to database version and in our case the database version is

      My question can I still use this https://support.oracle.com/rs?type=doc&id=1617461.1Doc ID 1617461.1 to apply the latest AD & TXK delta patches or do I have to apply the Doc ID 1586217.1 to apply the AD & TXK patches. Please let me know which Doc ID should I apply for upgrading to 12.2.3 on database, and at this point we're not planning to upgrade the database to

      Thank You.