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    editing cm14 data models: conditional badges(logos)


      So the end game is that on the existing forms for cm14 we are going to need to insert conditional badges. I did see some articles on how to do this with a new form with the word add on, which seems to be another issue I am having.

      The solution I was thinking of is:

      1. create a field (or table) within the existing proj db

      2. Edit data model to include url field in dataset (DM_DAI01a)renamed it

      3. Edit sample data to populate new field

      4. Insert image using a field attribute (also inserted text field to view value after I was running into issues)

      5. Preview with sample data and get the result I am looking for

      6. Save template and bring it up in cm14  when hit print or print preview(daily reports logs). no url is in the text field nor in the image isn't visible (white space)



      1. If I create a separate dataset I and join them I will get an error when I go to print preview.

      2. If I take the dataset sql and run the query on the ms sql db I get the return I expect.


      Not sure if I am missing a step or what, but any direction on editing existing data models in CM14 I think would be helpful

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          Rudy Ising

          To this point, I've been unable to get the database field option to work in CM14, even though it appears to be a supported option in BI (both web layout and RTF/Word laytout)


          For now, you may want to submit an SR to Oracle to begin the discussion with them to see if there is a further workaround.

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            I did open an sr. If I didn't have issues installing the desktop I think it might be easier to do embedded, but still not even sure about that. I am very new to the Oracle realm of things and now know why ppl love it so much (sarcasm).

            I know the end result is possible, but if I could do it this way I think it might be easiest to manage and implement.


            btw, thanks for responding.

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              Just in case anyone comes across this. This is, I believe, the easiest way to have conditional badges for each job without a lot of rework every time you have a new project/job

              create custom field for a logo/badge url(make sure you have enough characters) - cm ui

              update field in each proj under custom field tab(has to be a url) - cm ui

              update data model(save as for testing) - bi

              update sample data with new field - bi

              open form(save as for testing) - bi

              insert image using field, which will be the url(custom field).- bi

              save form - bi

              test - cm ui