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    Scheduled Brio/IR Jobs are not running as expected in EPM


      Hi All,


      We are observing some scheduled jobs are not running as expected,they are not running on the scheduled time.

      Given below are more details.

      We have 2 Jobs running at 6:00 AM daily based on single Recurring Time Event and it is observed that this jobs are not running on time(ex: 6:06 AM EST).

      I tried verifying Consolidate Job Status in workspace admin options and the v8_RecurtimeEvent table for any miss in the 'Next Run Time',

      but they were having the scheduled date/time of run.No clue from EPM Logs.

      Interesting observation is the same jobs are running after updating the schedule time a little bit further(ex: 6:06 AM to 6:07 AM),but again after some days

      the updated job(6:07 AM ) will stop running.