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    Unable to view data from datastore for a csv file


      Hi all,

      I am using ODI 11g. I am trying to import metadata from a csv file. For that, I created physical schema and corresponding logical schema. Context is global.

      Then I created a model and datastore. Now after reverse engineering the data store I got the headers of the file and I changed the datatype of some columns to my requirement and then tried to view the data from datastore. I am not getting any error but cannot see any data. I am able to see only headers.

      Even when I run the interface which loads data in a table, its running without error but no data is entered..

      But data is present in the source file..


      Can you please help me how to solve this issue..

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          Hope you choosen File technology from Topology>Physical Arhchitecture>Technologies

          If not, please slect the file technology from topology.


          before you reverse engineer, please analyze the data in CSV file and provide the data type and column length in ODI level.


          First of all you reverse engineer the file with single column and then you can split it into multiple columns and provide the related data type and column lenth and do the reverse engineer, later right click on file type table>data>view


          In data view there is no data means, interface will execut successfully with zero records insertion


          hope this may helps you to fix




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            Hi Phanikanth,

            Thanks for your reply...

            I had done the same which you have suggested...

            Actually I am working on ODI in UNIX environment. So I went for Record Separator option as UNIX in Files tab of the Datastore and now its working fine...

            Anyways once again thanks for your response..


            Thanks & Regards,