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    getting exception while deploying project - JavaEmbedding to get property from a property file in BPEL




      Any guidance will be helpful.


      All I need is to read a property from a property file and use that value in my BPEL assign.

      Below is the code snippet I am trying to deploy (Oracle JDeveloper 11g Release 1,BPEL 2.0)


      <sequence name="Sequence4">



                      <bpelx:exec name="Java_Embedding1" language="java">

                      <bpelx:exec import="java.io.*"/>

                      <bpelx:exec import="java.lang.*"/>

                      <bpelx:exec import="java.util.*"/>

                        <![CDATA[String file = "C:/Oracle/TestProp.properties";       

      String value="";       

      String envType = "";    

      Properties props = new Properties();       


      try {            

      props.load(new FileInputStream(file));      

      value = props.getProperty("Envronment_Type");       



      catch (Execption e)       


      value= "Error";   






                    <assign name="Assign_GetEmailDtlswithInvalidFileType"



                        <from>concat('incorrect File Received: Expected file type is', $envType ,'and Received file type is',$Receive_JMSMsg_Consume_Message_InputVariable.body/ns5:InterfaceDetailsType/ns5:INVALIDS_RUN_TYPE )</from>















      [10:52:36 AM] Sending archive - sca_PrjEmail_rev8.0.jar
      [10:52:51 AM] Received HTTP response from the server, response code=500
      [10:52:51 AM] Error deploying archive sca_PrjEmail_rev8.0.jar to partition "default" on server soa_server1 [http://RANJANRLLTW764.cns-inc.com:8001]
      [10:52:51 AM] HTTP error code returned [500]
      [10:52:51 AM] Error message from server:
      There was an error deploying the composite on soa_server1: Error occurred during deployment of component: BPELProcess_Email to service engine: implementation.bpel, for composite: PrjEmail: ORABPEL-05250

      Error deploying BPEL suitcase.
      error while attempting to deploy the BPEL component file "C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\base_domain\servers\soa_server1\dc\soa_09e19d2b-7250-40fc-a724-518d399815e3"; the exception reported is: java.lang.RuntimeException: failed to compile execlets of BPELProcess_Email

      This error contained an exception thrown by the underlying deployment module.
      Verify the exception trace in the log (with logging level set to debug mode).

      [10:52:51 AM] Check server log for more details.
      [10:52:51 AM] Error deploying archive sca_PrjEmail_rev8.0.jar to partition "default" on server soa_server1 [http://RANJANRLLTW764.cns-inc.com:8001]
      [10:52:51 AM] ####  Deployment incomplete.  ####
      [10:52:51 AM] Error deploying archive file:/C:/JDeveloper/mywork/Interface_Famework/PrjEmail/deploy/sca_PrjEmail_rev8.0.jar