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    weblogic console is not opening


      When i am trying to login to the weblogic console i am again getting the same login page instead of admin console

      Please provide help to sort this problem

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          In the admin server after the server state changed to running no logs are generating during the time of login.


          Please let me know if it is a configuration in the weblogic problem or security in the os problem.


          Previously i was able to login to the console but today suddenly this problem occurred


          I installed the weblogic in my d drive under the folder oracle/middleware, in d drive there is one more folder jdeveloper/middleware where i installed the jdeveloper, is

          it creating any conflicts?


          the login details that i gave are proper

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            Luz Mestre-Oracle

            Just to double check, you need to have a different combination of listen address + port for each WLS (JDeveloper / oracle- middleware)

            1. Do you see any error in the screen or logs when trying to login?

            2. Id the WLS - JDeveloper running? If you stop it, and restart the oracle-middleware, does the issue occur?

            If there is a conflict, after you are able to login to one of them, you can change the listen port to have both environments working

            Environment > Servers > <MyServer> >

            Set the "Listen Port"

            Best Regards


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              Are there  two different Administration Consoles (for example, from two different domains, and both running on the same host) at the same time in a single web browser instance ?

              The behavior you are observing happens in such cases.