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    Database connection - Invalid Database User

      Hi Guys
      I'm having trouble configuring my database connection in the P6 Config
      Wizzard. I keep getting the error
      "The Supplied Database
      User is not appropriate for the action you are trying to complete"
      I created the database manually following the steps defined in the "Manually Installing the P6 EPPM Oracle Databse" v8.3 January 2014 document. I ran into a problem when creating the users (orpm_create_users.sql). To get around this problem I had to execute the the command: 
      alter session set "_ORACLE_SCRIPT"=true;
      before creating the users. All remaining steps in the Manual process went smoothly after this.
      I'm now stuck on my P6 Server trying to complete the Configuration Wizzard, connecting to an existing database. All usernames and passwords were left as default.
      I've tried pubuser, privuser, system & c##andrew (my own admin dba account)
      db config error.png
      anyone else run into this problem?
      Oracle DB Version 12c