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    Howto Update Apex feedback attributes01-08 ?


      Application Express


      I have modifed the default feedback form to contain new attributes 01 and 02 with the following Submit Feedback-process:

      apex_util.submit_feedback (

          p_comment         => :P102_FEEDBACK,

          p_type            => :P102_FEEDBACK_TYPE,

          p_application_id  => :P102_APPLICATION_ID,

          p_page_id         => :P102_PAGE_ID,

          p_attribute_01    => :P102_PRIORITY,

          p_label_01        => 'Priority',

          p_attribute_02    => :P102_SCOPE,

          p_label_02        => 'Scope',

          p_email           => null);


      And those attributes gets populated and they are visible in the

           Team Development -> Feedback -> IR selectable columns.


      They also are also visible as read-only in drilldown

           Feedback -> edit row --> Additional Attributes


      1.) What is the method/process to update a Feedback entries especially the values of the attributes 01-08 and label 01-08 ?


      rgrds Paavo