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    Howto Update Apex feedback attributes01-08 ?


      Application Express


      I have modifed the default feedback form to contain new attributes 01 and 02 with the following Submit Feedback-process:

      apex_util.submit_feedback (

          p_comment         => :P102_FEEDBACK,

          p_type            => :P102_FEEDBACK_TYPE,

          p_application_id  => :P102_APPLICATION_ID,

          p_page_id         => :P102_PAGE_ID,

          p_attribute_01    => :P102_PRIORITY,

          p_label_01        => 'Priority',

          p_attribute_02    => :P102_SCOPE,

          p_label_02        => 'Scope',

          p_email           => null);


      And those attributes gets populated and they are visible in the

           Team Development -> Feedback -> IR selectable columns.


      They also are also visible as read-only in drilldown

           Feedback -> edit row --> Additional Attributes


      1.) What is the method/process to update a Feedback entries especially the values of the attributes 01-08 and label 01-08 ?


      rgrds Paavo

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          Does anyone have idea how to update the Apex Feedback attributes 01-08 ??


          rgrds Paavo

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            Tried to make process which updates the feedback based on feedback_id, but ORA-01031: insufficient privileges


            update APEX_TEAM_FEEDBACK
            set feedback='test update'
            where feedback_id = 50242304904663238;



            Does anyone have idea how to change the attributes 01-08 for feedback or is the only alternative to make own custom feedback tool?


            rgrds Paavo

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              Brian Hill

              I don't see any APIs that would allow you to update those values.  The values are stored in apex_040200.wwv_flow_feedback - you could try granting privileges on that table and updating it directly, but you do so at your own risk.


              Perhaps it'd be better to move those additional attributes to a custom table that would be easier to maintain?

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                Hmm, actually I would like to modify those attributes01-08 in Team Development before deciding should the feedback be turned to todo, feature, bug or what. With 8 attributes it is also good to define small rules for sending E-mail notification to correct person who should be notified immediately about certain type of feedback.

                So actually the attributes 01-08 become essential in managing feedbacks in general.


                Just checked the Apex 5.0 early adaptor which is great but is pretty much the same on the feedback-attribute handling with the earlier versions.

                Also the update of the relevant table directly isnt possible in 5.0 and I also think that such privileges would be risky, as you said.


                Hmm. would it be just neat to have update for the feedback.


                rgrds Paavo

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                  Hi Paavo,


                  See if that is already requested in Oracle Application Express Feature Requests and vote it.


                  If nobody have requested this, you can submit that request.



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                    Jeff E

                    I requested something similar a while ago: Feature AF62

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                      Jari and Jeff - I somehow got the feeling that we are going to fiddle feature request for this because the feedback-system is something we dont want to rewrite, but just extend a bit

                      So voted Jeffs feature request and liked the idea that it extends the API to all objects in Team Development.

                      hhmmmh .. Apex 5.0 early adopter feedback team must have the same challenge when they combine (import/export or what) the feedbacks they get with the feature requests and give personal response to most of the 'early adopters'.


                      rgrds Paavo