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    Where to define the location of xa_NULLDDMMYY.trc




      I am not sure if I should post my question here. If not, tell me where.


      I have an Java-application deployed on JBoss EAP. This application uses the two-phase transaction. But we get almost everyday a file xa_NULLDDMMYY.trc. This means there is error by the two phase transaction. This is not worse. The worse is, all these TRC-files are stored under $JBOSS_HOME/bin. This is surely not good and not allowed.


      I find out the location of such TRC files is defined in a file 'xa.xml'  inside 'RACPerf.rar' as follow (see LogDir):




                   <description>Oracle XA connect String, er wird um ACC=P/(UserName)/(Password) ergaenzt. Er darf die Elemente ACC und SesTM nicht enthalten.</description>







      But this definition seems not work.


      Any idea?