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    Bug in ODS Interview Service?


      Hi all. There is a sample web application in interview-service-client folder of .NET tools download (10.4). I am trying to get this MVC application working connecting to ODS (version 10.4). However, whenever I hit the last screen of the interview, I get a "generic error" from Interview Service.


      Enabling logs on ODS, I found out the following stack trace info:


      Oracle.Determinations.Server.Services.AbstractNativeService - Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

      System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

         at Oracle.Determinations.Server.Services.Interview.Screens.ScreenWriter.WriteReferenceRelationshipControl(ReferenceRelationshipInterviewControl refRelControl, List attrNamesList, List attrValuesList)

         at Oracle.Determinations.Server.Services.Interview.Screens.ScreenWriter.WriteControl(InterviewControl control)

         at Oracle.Determinations.Server.Services.Interview.Screens.ScreenWriter.WriteScreen(InterviewScreen screen, XmlStringWriter writer, List errors, List warnings, Boolean includeCommentary)

         at Oracle.Determinations.Server.Services.Interview.V10_2.InvestigateAction102.DoProcess(XMLEventReader reader)

         at Oracle.Determinations.Server.Services.Interview.V10_2.AbstractStatefulInterviewAction.Process(DSSoapRequest request)

         at Oracle.Determinations.Server.Services.AbstractNativeService.ProcessRequest(DSServletContext context, ServiceRequest request)


      I guess the exception is thrown when preparing the next screen which has a reference relationship control on it. It seems to me like either there is something wrong with the rulebase provided (which is very unlikely, given that it compiles and builds on OPM tool, also runs on OWD) or there is a bug in this version (10.4) of Interview Service because when I run the the sample application against ODS 10.2 I don't get any errors and the last screen shows up with the reference relationship control.


      Can anyone help me with this?