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    Human task Parellel participant issue


      Hi all,

      I am new to SOA BPEL. I have made a process with Human Task. In human task I have used parallel participant option.  One to "Manager" and second to a group "ABC"

      Now once it execute I am getting the workitem assigned to both the participant. But my requirement is once any of the participant "APPROVE" or "REJECT" I want to flow to move ahead and end.

      What is happening as of now is If I approve as a manager still my full workflow waiting somebody from the group "ABC" to respond and then only it is going to END.

      Can anybody tell me what would be the configuration or way to achieve this?


      Thanks in advance.

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          What happened when 'ABC' group user approve or reject?

          Also have you configured the option for percentage of outcomes i.e. you can set the percentage of particular outcome if that condition of percentage met the workflow will continue other wise it will wait. By default it is set 50% for any of the outcomes that mean when 50% percent of outcome done out of total assignment the workflow will continue.