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    Content server & DAM as imaging server

    Praveen Gaur

      Hi All,


      We have a requirement where our customer wants to use WCC as a imaging server(like Scene7). Like having one native image and different variants can be returned based on the query parameters in the incoming URL.


      We have successfully configured WLS, WCC, IBR & DAM. We are able to create the renditions based on the already defined rendition sets.


      Each rendition can be accessed using a unique URL, having the rendition-set ID as query parameter. Is it possible that we supply attributes like size & height on the fly as query parameter and we get the desired image back rather than relying on predefined rendition sets?



      Scene7 sample URL: http://abc.com/is/image/abc/<IMAGE_ID>?width=182&hei=272

      WCC rendition sample URL: http://abc.com/cs/idcplg?IdcService=GET_FILE&dDocName=<IMAGE_ID>&dID=810&RevisionSelectionMethod=specific&Rendition=Thumbnail


      As you can see that in WCC URL, we have to supply the rendition id as 'Rendition' query parameter for already converted image. While in S7 we can supply width & height on the fly.


      So, is it possible in WCC as well to get the desired image size by supplying the property attributes on the fly?