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    Error in WEB ADI Integrator


      Hi All,


      I am new to Web ADI Integrator. I tried to insert into the table through Web ADI.


      Here is what I did,

      Steps which I followed,

      Step 1) Created Integrator

      Step 2) Created a Layout

      Step 3) Created a Document


      At last, Excel is opened I have entered the data in headar and line level.

      When I tried to upload, it is throwing error.

      "1 Rows were Invalid"


      Could you pls expali me what could be the reason?


      Note: My Package is

      create or replace package body dummy_adi_pkg as

      function dummy_adi_func(p_sno    in number, p_sname in varchar2 ) return varchar2


      l_message varchar2(2000);


      insert into dummy_tab values(p_sno, p_sname);

      return 'E';


      when others then

      l_message :='Error is'||SQLERRM;

      return l_message;


      end dummy_adi_pkg;



      Tabel is:

      create table dummy_tab(sno number, sname varchar2(2000));