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    Peoplesoft Security - Overkill or Due Diligence?


      Hello.  I am a tester.  We use Peoplesoft.  Also, our Security Tester was moved to another group and so now I am helping test Security (Roles & Permissions) mostly.


      I am new to Peoplesoft and new to Security testing.


      Our previous Security Tester is very smart but EXTREMELY CONFUSING to listen to and understand.  Isn't it always like that.  She's the most generous person w/ information yet confusing to understand.  She routinely looks for Security issues within the Peoplesoft product itself.  This confuses me because I want to test our application engines/software not vanilla Peoplesoft Oracle Enterprise Manager, or Oracle Service Bus.


      Admittedly, I'm no expert here.  We are not IA, we are general testers, should I have any test related to OEM or OSB, testing to ensure the roles and permission lists are okay?